Follow Me School’s story began in 1987 at the Álvarez Méndez residence. During that time, Follow Me only offered afternoon workshops for those who wanted to learn English and French. Once the business started to gain popularity, our clients asked us to offer other extracurricular activities, such as swimming lessons, karate, technology, piano, ballet and children’s aerobics, and we decided to do so, making Follow Me one of the first businesses to offer these types of afternoon workshops for kids. As time went by, our clients wanted more and asked us to start a preschool, which we opened on September 4th, 1989. 

The Álvarez Méndez residence was no longer appropriate for our growing student body. For this reason, in 1993, we decided to rent a house near ours. 

We opened our elementary school in 1994, which began operating with first grade in September of that year; henceforth, we opened a new grade each year. 

After five years, our physical plant was too small for us and we decided to move the school to a larger location, which would cover our immediate needs and allow us to expand in the future.

We have graduated ten classes from our school: Traiectus 2012, Tivrata 2013, Ichtus 2014, Ignis 2015, Vixia 2016, Atria 2017, Novitas 2018, Coraxe 2019, Innovatus 2020, and Luxia 2021. Our students and graduates carry our name very high, standing out on their own but always remaining close to our family. They are the true fruits for which we are known and that give us the greatest joy and satisfaction.


Follow Me School is located in a two-story building and has a computer lab, a science lab, a library, two multipurpose courts, a swimming pool, art and music classrooms, recreation areas, a cafeteria, dining areas, an infirmary, two teachers’ rooms, a chapel, a prayer garden, and administrative offices.

Our Academic Program

  • Mathematics (Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, probability, statistics, pre-calculus, calculus, among others)
  • Science (Earth and space sciences, biology, physics, chemistry, among others)
  • English (Language Arts)
  • Spanish 
  • French
  • International Social Studies Program (Geography, Ancient World History, Modern World History, among others)
  • Estudios Sociales as part of the Dominican curriculum (History, geography, Dominican economy, among others)
  • Technology
  • Faith Education (Religion and catechism)
  • Physical Education (Soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming, among others)
  • Musical Theater (Singing, dancing and acting)
  • Art
  • Philosophy
  • Entrepreneurship (Junior Achievement Program)
  • Emotional Well-being and Character Development
  • Community Service
  • Orientation and Study Techniques
  • Salidas Optativas (MINERD)


We are one big family composed of students, parents, teachers, coordinators, and administrators, among other staff members.

One of our major goals is to develop a learning environment where everyone feels at home. We offer a personalized education, giving each student a greater opportunity to achieve academic success.

Our decision-making process consists of setting aside the traditional organizational hierarchy and working as a team with the purpose of reaching a consesus. 

Our school’s policies are based on the great commandment of our Christian faith: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength; and love your neighbor as yourself.”

We follow Juan Pablo Duarte’s beautiful motto “God, Homeland, and Freedom.” We believe that our country will only achieve total freedom if all of its citizens also attain freedom through a constant and continuous education.

“We are one big family composed of students, parents, teachers, coordinators, and administrators, among other staff members. “

FMS General Director